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Law Firm FactoringBlue Ridge Factors provides legal financing solutions for Attorneys and Law Firms in the form of Law Firm receivables factoring. Our priority is assisting attorneys and law firms to maximize their value for clients and themselves.

Our Law Firm loan programs allow you to allocate funds to support litigation expenses, case costs, operation expenses, marketing and business development. We understand and work closely with attorney and law firms that have less than perfect credit histories and offer expedited processing. 

What is Law Firm Factoring?

Factoring is a time tested form of financing that is becoming more widespread, and is utilized by many businesses. Factoring is different than a loan as it relies mostly on the ability of the clients customers to pay the invoice, rather than the client themselves. Law Firm factoring involves the law firm, selling an invoice from a sale to the factor. Now with ownership of the right to collect on the invoice, the factor immediately pays the law firm a negotiated percentage of the face value of the invoice.

Now with an influx of cash, the law firm can accept more and bigger cases instead of turning them away due to a lack of funds. With this fast cash infusion, business is running smoothly, credit can be preserved, gaps between settlements can be bridged and funding is there to help conquer large adversaries. 

Become a smarter business by implementing Law Firm Factoring today. Ease worries about debt and lack of funds by taking full advantage of Law Firm Factoring and all it has to offer. With Factoring in place, never turn away a client again. Click to apply now! 

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