19 May, 2020

Eight Steps To Positive Cash Flow


Even before the Corona virus 69% of small business owners faced cash flow issues.  Negative cash flow can limit your ability to pay bills, limit growth opportunities and ultimately force a business to close.  These following best practices will help business owners turn cash flow positive without taking on new debt! Email your invoices immediately and correctly - It may seem obvious to bill as soon services are delivered. Some companies only issue invoices once a month. The business owner needs to make sure that invoices are being sent to the correct address. Also ensure you have the correct information like [...]

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8 Mar, 2020

Factoring Fees And Tax Deductions


It's that time of year again, time to file your taxes. What about factoring fees and tax deductions? Your tax returns verify your previous income level and are proof of the tax obligations you have fulfilled – both filing and payment. It is recommended to turn to a creditable tax agent to ensure everything is done correctly. For better understanding of your invoice factoring terms of agreement, reach out to your factoring company. There is a lot to be determined when determining if the receivables you factored are taxable. How a company treats its accounts receivable depends on what accounting method [...]

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15 Feb, 2020

I Am Approved For Invoice Factoring, Now What?


So, you made the decision to factor your invoices. You’ve discovered that invoice factoring allows you to get funds immediately without worrying about acquiring additional debt. Recently, you have applied for accounts receivable factoring through a factoring company and you were approved. Now that the hard part is over, what happens next? Many businesses aren’t sure what the next steps to take after being approved for invoice factoring and receiving cash. There are some smart ways to use the funds as a means to your cash flow problems and essential needs. Here's Five Steps to Take After Being Approved for Invoice [...]

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6 Mar, 2019

Factoring Accounts Receivable – How To Sell Invoices


Are you a business in need of working capital to fund expansion or pay bills? A growing cash flow solution is factoring or, selling invoices with AR Factoring. How Factoring Works So let’s face it. Cash flow is everything. You can have all the business in the world but until such time as your customer actually pays for the goods or services, you are stuck. In a cash flow bind, many businesses are faced with two vastly different choices. The first is to go to a bank and try to get a loan. Although bank loans are sometimes a good option, [...]

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