21 May, 2018

Using Factoring to Grow Your Business


Despite what you may have heard, factoring isn't just for failing, cash-flow deprived businesses. In fact, factoring companies ideally look for clients and businesses that are ready to grow—not just survive. Here are a few reasons why factoring helps grow your business. How Invoice Factoring Works Invoice factoring is a straight-forward, alternative funding solution that removes the red-tape from banks and gets you the money you need quickly. How? By exchanging customer invoices for cash today.Instead of waiting weeks (sometimes months) to collect on your invoices, sell them and get the funding you need now. While it does help companies pay [...]

Using Factoring to Grow Your Business2018-05-21T15:15:18-04:00
25 Apr, 2018

5 Common Factoring Misconceptions and Myths


While a viable and easy funding option, invoice factoring sometimes gets a bad reputation. Some say it is impossible to avoid high-interest rates. Others say it’s only for large business. Some people even think the process is a hassle for your clients. Those statements couldn’t be more wrong. Let’s break down a few common factoring misconceptions and myths. Factoring Misconceptions and Myths You Need to Stop Listening To Whether they are ill-informed, slightly off or completely wrong, these factoring misconceptions and myths are passed around through water cooler talk. But, it's time you stop believing everything you hear. 1. Factoring [...]

5 Common Factoring Misconceptions and Myths2018-04-25T16:25:00-04:00

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